Sounds Fishy to Me…

This blogging thing has really gotten away from me…in the lead-up to exams, I’m afraid that my nose has become even further buried in my books. 😦 However, with the first exam just 179 hours away (aka one week), I am hopeful that balance will soon return. In light of this excessive amount of studying, … Continue reading

Surprises, Surprises

This past weekend I was in Dallas for Jocelyn’s “surprise” birthday party. Although she planned the party, she had no idea that mom and Cassaundra were coming out for a visit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there when Jocelyn arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house…on the video, her face was pretty priceless. 🙂 On the way … Continue reading


I am getting severely behind in this whole blogging thing. Unfortunately, most of my life is school, so I kind of forget about the blog, even when something exciting does happen. 🙂 Last weekend, MaryLou and I put up some decorations in our living room. I won a $50 gift card from Kaplan, which funded … Continue reading

Symphony Update

I received a pleasant surprise today, along with a reminder that people do actually read my blog. I called the Waco Symphony box office to see about getting a student season pass. Despite almost missing the last concert, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and still planned to get my hands on a season pass. My goal … Continue reading

Contracts Class

I know I promised this post last week, but unfortunately, the end of the week got away from me, and so it is practically a week late. But, better late than never… Contracts has been one of my hardest classes – I spent the first month completely lost. While I am slowing piecing it together … Continue reading