Sorry for the long delay (again) in posting. Since my lips must be sealed about work, there’s not really a whole lot that I can report. I am really loving my internship. So far I’ve worked on three projects, plus another small one today. I’m getting exposed to many different areas of law, which is … Continue reading

Since I’ve been at the Supreme Court for a little over a week now, I figured it was time for an update on my life in Austin. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as exciting as my time in Colorado – there aren’t any mountains to scale!! 🙂 Work is going really well. I turned in a … Continue reading


This post is going to attempt to finish recapping my last few days in Colorado, as well as the last week or so. Hang on for a long ride! (I’ll try to only hit the highlights.) My grandparents ended up coming out to Colorado the last week I was there, so they came up and … Continue reading

Long Overdue

Side note: Sorry for the long delay – I started this post almost two weeks ago, but I was waiting to get all the pictures uploaded! So, this is severely late… You know a blog post is long overdue when you get a reminder on your Facebook about the lack of posts. 🙂 The past … Continue reading