Surprises, Surprises

This past weekend I was in Dallas for Jocelyn’s “surprise” birthday party. Although she planned the party, she had no idea that mom and Cassaundra were coming out for a visit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there when Jocelyn arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house…on the video, her face was pretty priceless. 🙂

On the way up to Dallas, I discovered the glory of frontage roads. Ironically enough, the worst traffic we encountered was between Waco and Hillsboro (not in Dallas, as I had anticipated). However, the highway officials were very thoughtful in their planning, and built frontage roads right next to the freeway. I got a little too much pleasure at laughing at all the people were passing by taking the frontage road. 🙂

We didn’t do anything terribly exciting or newsworthy over the weekend. It was so wonderful to be able to just hang out with family and friends. My aunt and uncle were so gracious – there were 14 of us in their little house! (Thankfully, mom had booked a hotel for us!) My 15-month-old cousin was a little overwhelmed, but  he adjusted pretty quickly, and I am sure he enjoyed the attention he got from all of us girls.

Saturday was the Baylor/Texas Tech football game. We lost, though only by one touchdown, which I thought was pretty decent, considering our track record.

On Saturday evening, my aunt came back from a small group meeting toting a wooden rocking horse that she had picked up off the curb on her way home. One of her neighbors had had a garage sale that day, and was throwing out the leftovers. I jokingly suggested that we get a flashlight and go look at what else they had. She completely agreed, so we drove down the street and started digging through the bins. I kept expecting someone to come out and yell at us, but they never did. 🙂 There wasn’t much stuff that I was interested in, but across the street someone was throwing out a coffee table. I didn’t have room in my car this trip, but my aunt and uncle agreed to hold it until I go back for Thanksgiving. I love finding stuff for free!!

Ross on his salvaged rocking horse.

And now, alas, I am back in Waco facing another week of school. Today marks three weeks until exams, and I find myself shockingly calm. Whenever anyone mentions exams, people’s faces scrunch up. However, I am determined not to let myself succumb to panic – we will see how well that resolve holds up! Unfortunately, I think this past weekend was my last roadtrip until after finals…I am now officially stuck in Waco for the next five weeks!

And with that, I am off to work on my Torts flowchart…goodnight!


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