Close Calls

It’s been quite the week, huh? In processing and thinking about all the terrible things that have happened this week, I realized just how many times I have encountered death over the past month. None of them have involved me personally being in harm’s way.┬áBut each of them has struck close to home and reminded … Continue reading


That’s how many class days of law school I have left. I am 98.33333% done with law school.And graduation is exactly three weeks from today. EEK!!! For the past three years, I’ve had this post-it note hanging above my desk: While I wouldn’t trade the experience of these last few years, I am glad to … Continue reading

A Weekend Away

Last Thursday, both of my classes were cancelled. With a four-day weekend, a road trip was in order. So on Thursday morning, AnnaGrace and I headed down to Austin. We were able to find two really good hotel deals on – one at the four-star Sheraton downtown! We spent the majority of our time … Continue reading