Christmas Recap

The past two weeks have been wonderful. I slept in, watched tons of TV and movies, and gallavanted all over Spartanburg visiting with people. Here’s a very brief recap of my latest adventures. The weekend I arrived in town, I was able to see the kids that I taught piano and used to babysit. I miss … Continue reading

Sic ‘Em Bears!!

Since I went to a very small undergraduate university, I’m trying to soak up all the experiences of a big university while I’m in law school. At least, the ones that seem mildly interesting and which aren’t obsolete now that I’m a graduate student. This past weekend, I went to a football game. In the … Continue reading


Last Saturday, despite getting over a cold and generally feeling like a brick when I run these days, I finally accomplished my goal of running a sub-30-minute 5K!!!!!! It was a very pleasant surprise, and a nice confirmation that I am still reasonably fit – despite the fact that I feel like I’ve regressed in … Continue reading