Musical Musings

Tonight I treated myself to the Waco Symphony’s opening night. I was so excited – I got dressed up, and was fully prepared to become the proud owner of a season subscription. However, when I arrived at the box office, not only were they not selling season subscriptions, but they also were only accepting cash. … Continue reading

This video may already have gone viral on Facebook. However, for those of you who missed it there, you can see it here!! 🙂 First, the background. The previous owner of the condo left a few furniture items, which she is supposedly coming back to get. One of those items is a piano. Now, as … Continue reading

Seeking Balance

Sorry for the long delay in posting – this past week was one of the longest of my life. Our air conditioning was out for about 4 ½ days, which through wrenches into more than half of the days this past week. Things like this sure make you realize how good you had it during … Continue reading

Law Students = Complete Dorks

On Saturday night, one of my classmates hosted a game night at her house. It was great to be able to get together outside of a school setting, although our nerdiness could not escape us. A name game involving Black’s Law Dictionary was first up on the list. We passed the dictionary, and each person … Continue reading

Mastering the Art of Cooking!

One of the simple joys of living on my own is being able to cook! So, allow me to share with you some of the cooking victories that have transpired in our lovely condo. Last night, MaryLou (my roommate) and I made enchiladas, which turned out amazing! We supplemented the main dish with corn (steamed … Continue reading

Sic ’em, Bears!

This weekend was AMAZING! Dad came down for a visit on Friday, and proceeded to cook dinner while I sat around like a bum. Homemade hamburgers and potato chips with french onion dip – YUM!!! On Saturday it was Rudy’s Barbeque for lunch, and then off to the first Baylor home football game!!! Although I … Continue reading


I realize that we are still 4 months from January 1st. However, in light of the beginning of a new week, I find it appropriate and necessary to make some resolutions. I made several discoveries this past weekend as I evaluated last week. First off, while the course load did not stress me out, I … Continue reading