Here, There, and Everywhere

Wow! The rest of last week and this weekend have flown by. This was in part do to my day and a half trip back to Texas. I left Thursday afternoon and flew into Austin for my Supreme Court orientation on Friday. A girl from Baylor who is also interning at the Supreme Court picked … Continue reading

Skills Learned and Race Recap

I have become a bow-tying fiend. One of my responsibilities over the past couple days has been to tie bows on the boxes we are taking to doctor’s offices. Over the past three days, I think I’ve tied close to 50 bows. I’m sure this will be a valuable life lesson come Christmas time – … Continue reading


 Today in church, the sermon was on the story that God is writing in each of our lives. As I sat there, I was once again reminded about how good God has been to me. I am truly in awe of how he has orchestrated this summer. So for those of you who don’t know … Continue reading

Sightseeing in Denver

The rest of my work-week went by without a hitch. I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday making phone calls to doctor’s offices and leaving lots of voicemails. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten very few responses. I just don’t understand – can’t they tell I’m a sweet person from the tone of my voice??? 🙂 On Friday, … Continue reading

The Working Life For Me

I’m now halfway through my first week of work. Things have gone very smoothly. I absolutely love working at a non-profit! Everyone is super friendly, and the office atmosphere is very relaxed. No worries about pulling 60 hour work weeks here! 🙂 I am fortunate enough to have my own office with a desk that … Continue reading

Roadtrip – Day 2

 Sorry for the delay in posting – I haven’t been able to get the internet set up yet at my new place, so I haven’t been able to post for the past two days. Thank goodness for Starbucks and free wi-fi!!  On Thursday we didn’t have as far to drive, so Jocelyn and I took … Continue reading

On My Way!

This morning, Jocelyn and I left Denton just after 8am headed for COLORADO! 🙂 The ride was pretty uneventful – West Texas is pretty boring (though not as brown as we anticipated). Jocelyn was disappointed that we didn’t see any tumbleweeds. 🙂 Here’s the most interesting thing that we saw: Cause you know, sometimes the … Continue reading


On Friday, I finished my last final and am now 2/3 of the way done with the law school!!! I cannot tell you how jealous I was of the graduating seniors on Saturday morning. Less than 365 days and I will be walking across the stage!! I cannot wait… Friday night we went to dinner … Continue reading