Sounds Fishy to Me…

This blogging thing has really gotten away from me…in the lead-up to exams, I’m afraid that my nose has become even further buried in my books. 😦 However, with the first exam just 179 hours away (aka one week), I am hopeful that balance will soon return.

In light of this excessive amount of studying, I decided to embark on a little bit of an adventure and make sushi. So, follow me as we travel back in time one week:

Once upon a time, there was a 1L who was terribly lonely. 😦 However, on one particular Tuesday night, she received glad tidings of great joy that her dear friend Dr. Strange would be visiting. Lucky for this little 1L, Dr. Strange was in desperate need of a race – and Waco happened to be hosting one that very weekend.

 In celebration of a race well run, the pair decided to exercise their culinary skills by the attempting the art of sushi. Much to their surprise and delight, a simple vegetable roll was elementary, my dear readers. Upon their first success, the pair decided to try their hands at an Alaskan Salmon roll, complete with cream cheese and avocado.

In the art of making sushi, the two quickly found their respective areas of expertise. While the 1L was a mincing and dicing fiend , Dr. Strange’s delicate wielding of the knife was better suited to the art of slicing the sushi.

Upon completing the delicate preparation process, the 1L and Dr. Strange partook of their magnum opus with great delight.

The evening’s feast was capped off with a crossword puzzle and the two lived happily ever after as shrieks of laughter echoed through the condo.


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