Sorry for the long delay in posting. Don’t worry, I did not succumb to the Wednesday blahs…I just had a busy end of the week. We have our big court brief due this coming Friday (worth 50% of our grade!!!), so I have been buried in the Fourth Amendment and the search-incident-to-arrest exception. So, first … Continue reading

Wednesday Blahs

I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but today was a blah day. Maybe because it’s the middle of the week.  Maybe it was the advising session which made me think about what is to come in the next two years of my life. Maybe it’s because the numb feeling I have had over … Continue reading

Second Day of (Spring) Summer

Texas weather is CRAZY.  Two weeks ago while I was on spring break, I was dying for the weather to be warm enough to wear shorts. Unfortunately, highs were in the mid-60s to low 70s, which didn’t work out quite so well. The few days I tried, I usually ended up quite cold. 😦 However, … Continue reading

Dreams of Spring Break

Thankfully, today wasn’t too bad. My Property professor was sick (is it terrible that I was relieved to hear class was cancelled, even though she was sick??), so I only had two classes, and I was able to come home for lunch. I know we will have to make it up later, but making this … Continue reading

Scrambled L’eggs and Achin’

Yesterday, I finished my first half marathon!! WHOO HOO!!! It’s funny – two years ago, the thought of running 3 miles was daunting, and yesterday I did 13.1 (which apparently was actually 13.5 – and yes, those extra 4/10ths seem really long!). Those miles were completed in 2:16:22 – a personal record!!! 😉 It has … Continue reading

Morning Glory

Time for another movie review!! Unfortunately, my list of movies that I just had to see has consisted of mostly B-list movies. So disappointing. I mean, the trailers looked so good!!! Warning: This review contains spoilers (I’m not good at this yet!) Anyway, so about “Morning Glory.” This one looked really cute, and has a … Continue reading


Hello world! a.k.a. Katelyn’s blog buddies! Before I launch into what will be my first blog post ever, allow me to introduce myself as the Strange person that invaded Katelyn’s life approximately two years ago. Yes, I, AnnaGrace Strange not only invaded Katelyn’s life, but I have also invaded her condo on this glorious week … Continue reading

One quick note: yesterday’s title referred to our dinner Sunday night. Sorry to keep you hanging. 🙂 Here are a few more highlights from the past couple of days. Yesterday morning I made Carrot Cake Oatmeal for breakfast (another great recipe from Oh She Glows!). I really enjoyed it, though I used brown sugar as … Continue reading