One Week Down…

Well, I managed to survive my first week of law school, and the rollercoaster of a weekend that followed. Overall, the week was not as bad as I expected, though I am still scared to death of my Civil Procedure professor! If our cell phone goes off even once, we will fail the class. Even … Continue reading


I realize that I am only two days into this quarter, so it is a little early to be making projections about which classes I will/will not like. However, that does not keep me from making those predictions. 🙂 My guess? Contract law is not my cup of tea. The act of writing a contract, … Continue reading

God is Good…ALL the Time

First off, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the people who were praying for me today. I could definitely feel the prayers! It’s amazing – last week, before I had even started classes, I was on the verge of a panic attack, and this morning, I felt quite confident walking into … Continue reading

Grace Under Fire

I am now two-thirds of the way done with orientation, and only three days from the start of classes (AHHH!!!). Although I am scared for classes to start, I am SUPER excited about being here at Baylor. Every one of the faculty and staff we met over the past two days seem so caring and … Continue reading

Today I helped Jocelyn move into her dorm. It was kind of weird to do it without parents, but thanks to help from my roommate, MaryLou, we only had to make two trips to teh storage unit, and we had everything up in the room in less than 2 hours.In other news, I am settling … Continue reading

The Texas Heat is Killing Me…

Yes, I knew that Texas would be hot. However, I assumed that since Texas is less humid than South Carolina, I would be okay. WRONG! People were right – when the temperature goes above the triple-digits, the humidity doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just hot! The good news is my air conditioning works well, and I … Continue reading