Becoming a Morning Runner and the Bearathon

I’ve become a morning runner. As in, I’ve run before 9am a couple times in the past week . This is coming from the girl who used to¬†always¬†work out around 3pm. The one who never wanted to switch her routine. The one who felt like death every time she tried to run in the morning.And … Continue reading

Cooking Adventures

Guess what was waiting for me when I returned from spring break? This cookbook. I think it’s going to change my life. Some days, I think I should have gone to culinary school. Maybe that’s what my mid-life crisis will be. Can I start planning that now? A couple weeks ago, a friend recommended America’s … Continue reading

I am trying something new. With all this time on my hands this quarter, I want to start making bread.I started out with this bread: I got the recipe from a friend, and boy is it amazing. You can find the recipe at My New Roots. It is also super easy, gluten free, and full … Continue reading