Just a quick note before the blog goes silent while I get to/take the Bar exam! I’ll have an update in another week or so when the craziness is over. On Tuesday, the only piece of mail in the mailbox was from an address in Loveland, Colorado. When I pulled it out of the mailbox, … Continue reading

Burden of Proof

I know there has been a lot of commentary on the Zimmerman trial. In fact, I’m sure many people are tired of hearing about it, and ready for news of other things. But, I just can’t help writing my own short commentary on something I haven’t heard much about in the midst of all the … Continue reading

How to Get on a Jury

I wrote this post a couple weeks ago and swear I posted it, but alas, it’s still sitting my “Drafts” folder. At least it’s pertinent with all the buzz about the George Zimmerman trial this week. 🙂   I know that most people out there dread jury duty. But, here’s a way to reframe it: … Continue reading

Why I am Moving to Colorado

I wrote this blog post a couple months ago, in the midst of a week where I was really struggling with my decision to move to Colorado. I’d had a couple “lightbulb” moments, and wanted to write them down as “mile markers” of my journey. Unfortunately, I wrote the post and then let it sit … Continue reading

Independence Day

Thanks to Themis, I had a wonderful day off from Bar studying. After having a to-do list seven days a week for the last five weeks, not having anything hanging over my head was amazing. In fact, getting back into the groove yesterday was tough. Only 24 days left!! But back to Thursday…the first stop … Continue reading

My Weekend in Pictures

After busting my brain last week to get ahead in my Bar studying, I took two full days off to celebrate the birthday of my favorite four-year-old. I also got to catch his last t-ball game of the year. Bunches of 3-year-olds running around a baseball field = adorable.   I hope you had a … Continue reading