The past five days have been a whirlwind. I finished classes on Friday and finished packing and straightening things up in Waco so I could drive up to McKinney on Saturday. As sad as I am to not be going home to South Carolina for break this year, it was nice not to have to … Continue reading

My First Texas Christmas

And it’s a white one. When it started snowing this afternoon, I couldn’t believe it. This has been a different, and at times difficult, Christmas. It was as if God sent a Christmas bonus just to remind me how much He loves me. Today, I’m enjoying this extra-special Christmas gift. Merry Christmas!!


This weekend I got to come home to play for a friend’s wedding. Words cannot describe how ecstatic I was to land in Greenville. Looking out at the window, I could see trees and mountains (small ones, but mountains none the less) rather than concrete. So wonderful!! It was interesting playing in front of people … Continue reading

Christmas Extravaganza

This past week, the desire to do Christmas baking hit hard. Since I’m in school until the 21st this year, I probably won’t get to do any at home. Or if I do, it will be after-the-fact Christmas baking, which just isn’t the same. So, I designated yesterday as baking day. We started with ginger … Continue reading

God is Good.

This saying is so cliche, but I don’t intend it to be that way. Stop. Think about those three words. I’ve realized recently that deep down, I have trouble believing those words. I am afraid that if I want something too badly, the Lord won’t give it to me. Or that if I make plans, … Continue reading

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

This week was full of Christmas merriment. First at Christmas on 5th Street: And then at our condo: Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season! Let peppermint mochas, hot chocolate, and merriment abound! 🙂