Here’s an interesting fact about myself: I don’t really like the go-around-the-table-and-share-something-you’re-thankful-for thing. I know, I have plenty of guilt about this. But somehow, I just always have trouble coming up with something that doesn’t sound (to me), like it’s contrived or stupid. And, I hate being put on the spot. So today, while I … Continue reading

Book Review: Redeeming Law

More than a year ago, I stumbled across the book, “Redeeming Law”by Michael Schutt. I hurriedly ordered it on Amazon, hoping that it would help me better understand my reactions to law school. Why was I dreading going back to school for my second year of law school? Why do I feel as though being … Continue reading

Week 1

The first week of this quarter was a night and day difference from last quarter. Despite the fact that there were two last-minute (aka notice the day before) afternoon sessions for PC 3, only having it for an hour in the mornings makes a HUGE difference. Not to mention being able to take classes that … Continue reading

While listening to Christmas music tonight, I came across this song. It’s been a favorite for a long time, but I thought I would share it. My favorite line is, “The only thing my heart can offer is a vacancy.” It’s so convicting every time I hear it. The Lord doesn’t ask for much. All … Continue reading

A Great Start

This quarter has started off wonderfully. For starters, I had an awesome new outfit to wear to school today: The top and pants came from Gap. On Thursday, I got $119 worth of stuff for only $44.50. I had seen the orange pants two weeks ago, and was anxiously awaiting the day I could use … Continue reading

Today starts a new quarter! It’s hard to believe that 11 weeks ago I was beginning the most terrifying quarter of my life (I was more nervous than I was before my first quarter of law school!). This quarter, I get to start every Monday morning with Administration of Estates, a fact about which I … Continue reading

Little Goodnesses

It is done. This quarter is over. And, Lord willing, I will never again have to sit in PC 1 and PC 2. Only three months stands between me and never having to see these professors ever again. After the exam, I went for a quick mile and a half run. I finished in 13:48!!! … Continue reading

Exam Week Update

Today was my second exam, and my first PC exam. Only one left!!! Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest. I suppose it’s a good thing that my end-of-the-week grades always end up being better, huh? 🙂 Overall, I felt like the exam went well. This makes me a little nervous – usually the exams I feel … Continue reading