Oh Me, Oh My

The past five days have flown by!!! I can hardly believe it is Tuesday already!! In exactly one week I will be back in South Carolina again – woo-hoo!!! Now I just need to get my rear end in gear and get some things done before I leave… I completely forgot to post my review … Continue reading

Nameless (Creative Juices = Non-existent)

My favorite by-the-pool drink (which is much easier to create in a Vitamix!!): Favorite Frappuchino 12 coffee ice cubes1/4 cup milk (add more as necessary)1 Tbsp. peppermint syrup1 Tbsp. sugar (more to taste)Chocolate syrup, to taste Combine all ingredients in blender. Enjoy! I’ve started cold brewing coffee, not only to make iced coffee drinks, but … Continue reading

Scones, Haircuts, and People-Watching

On Tuesday, we headed downtown to walk around and browse some of the shops that are always closed when we’ve gone before. We spent the majority of our time in an antique shop which had all kinds of interesting treasures, including these… After our browsing, we had hair appointments, which were desperately needed!! We are … Continue reading

Birthday Celebrations

Mimetic Monday turned into a celebration of AnnaGrace’s birthday yesterday. Hey, birthday celebrations count as a reflection of childhood, right?? 🙂 We started the morning off by sleeping, followed by our usual workout routines. Or rather, my revised workout routine (aka pilates), since I’m still easing myself into running. After lunch, we headed to Goodwill, … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday/Friday Flicks

After AnnaGrace got off work Thursday night, we headed to Rockwall to keep Ross for Joy and Joel since they had a wedding to attend. The little booger is getting more difficult – he cried for 3 hours last night (from midnight until 3am) before we finally just gave in and put him in the … Continue reading

Whatever Wednesday

Fail. When we couldn’t come up with any “wacky” ideas come Tuesday night, we decided to changed “Wacky Wednesday” into “Whatever Wednesday” to give us more options. 🙂 So, I am deeming yesterday “Wednesday Words,” and sharing my current summer reading. A couple weeks ago, I received an email from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy … Continue reading

Tasty Tuesday

After sitting out next to the pool for several hours yesterday, we had quite the appetites come dinnertime!!  In other exciting news, my Land’s End bathing suit arrived yesterday!! I LOVE it!!! It’s purple (my favorite color!!), and is wonderfully well-made. I am never buying any other bathing suit again! Several days ago we decided … Continue reading

Mimetic Monday

Mimesis. Semiosis. Diegesis. Yes. Fun words. For those of us whose brains do not quite function in that intellectual realm on a daily basis (poor AnnaGrace), essentially mimesis is a concept in literary theory in which a work of art exists to imitate and/or reflect its universal context. The emphasis in mimetic theory is on … Continue reading