I’m Baaaack!!!!

Geez…it feels like I have been back in Texas forever. And yet, after a whole week back, I still haven’t quite managed to get going again. Disruptions to my schedule are always a dangerous thing. I start spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer, sleeping in waaay too late, and generally being a lazy … Continue reading

Ignorance of the Law…

is no excuse. Unfortunately, I had personal experience today with my professor’s mantra. We started off the morning at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There are tons of cute little shops, as well as some regular shops like Gap, American Eagle, and Build-A-Bear Workshop (really?!? this should not be located in a historic location…it’s just sacrilege). … Continue reading

So Far From Home

I love big cities. I don’t know that I will ever actually live in one – I want a yard and a garden too badly!! However, I love visiting cities. Metro systems, tall buildings, ethnic restaurants, sightseeing…ahhh, so wonderful!!!!! We stopped on Sunday night in Cranford, New Jersey (isn’t that such a cool name??). After … Continue reading

It Felt Like a Dream…

The first of my college friends is married and off on her honeymoon. At the rehearsal on Friday, I felt like I was walking down the aisle in a dream. How did I get here? What’s happening? When did I get this old? The funny thing is, I’ve had more than a year to prepare … Continue reading

Is It Dinnertime Yet?

3:45am came awfully early this morning. Since I worked at the symphony last night, we didn’t get into bed until around 10:30pm. Six hours of sleep = veeery sluggish. Thankfully we breezed through security at DFW and were heading towards our gate at 4:50am. I even got two compliments about my dress!! Hurray for female … Continue reading


On Wednesday, I had a meeting with the Ft. Worth Symphony, so AnnaGrace and I decided to make a day of it and experience Ft. Worth.We perused a list of  free things and made our itinerary. Our first stop was the Kimbell Art Museum. Admission to their permanent collection is always free!! Although not a … Continue reading

Lazy Days

Sleeping in until 10am tends to make a day go by very quickly. Hence, Tuesday felt like only half a day. I blame the 16-mile trail run/ride on Monday for our extreme tiredness. 🙂 Despite losing the morning, we were at least semi-productive yesterday. I’ve been meaning to put together a goodwill bag for some … Continue reading