I am trying something new. With all this time on my hands this quarter, I want to start making bread.I started out with this bread: I got the recipe from a friend, and boy is it amazing. You can find the recipe at My New Roots. It is also super easy, gluten free, and full … Continue reading

A Stellar Day

That day when your one class gets cancelled. I was so happy I didn’t even mind that I drove all the way to school before I found out. 🙂 Add a new pair of running shoes (in an AWESOME color!!!) and a trail run, and the day was practically perfect. Aren’t they cool???? I can’t … Continue reading

What, you may ask, am I doing with another three-inch binder full of paper? It’s my new for-fun reading material!! And I am SUPER excited about this binder. 🙂 Last quarter, I read “Redeeming Law.” I really enjoyed thinking about my work as a lawyer from a Christian perspective. Though I attend a “Christian” law … Continue reading

My desk is clean and ready for the start of a new quarter! Now if I could beat the cold that has taken up residence in my head. It looks like I’ll be spending the day on the couch. At least I have my Alexander Hamilton biography to keep me company…

I’m Done!

Yesterday was the last day of PC. Hard to believe, right? August seems so far distant in the past, and yet time has flown by. Only one exam stands between me and never having to look at these professors again (as long as I can avoid them in the hallways). 🙂Surprisingly enough, I felt kind of … Continue reading