A New TV Show and BBQ Raisins

Over Christmas break, my aunt introduced me to the show “Parenthood.” We only watched one episode at her house, but I really enjoyed it, so on Friday evening AnnaGrace, MaryLou, and I started at season one. What started out as a dinner break ended up at four episodes. Yesterday brought another four. This makes for … Continue reading

Big Trial

I realized today, as I was thinking about this post, that I have not once talked about the subject of my Big Trial case. Blogging fail. So, here’s a brief summary: My partner and I represented two foster parents. A pair of foster children escaped from the foster home (in broad daylight) and stabbed a … Continue reading

A Day Off

Another hurdle is cleared. Big Trial is over. Two weeks from Saturday, I will be done with Practice Court forever. (I’m assuming I’ll pass…) I can hardly believe it. It seems like not that long ago I was reading ahead, cooking lots of food, and trying not to freak out about what was to come. … Continue reading


Today dawned with beautiful sunshine after two days of rain. The sky was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture this morning, so I did it once I got home! During Christian Legal Society today, we talked about discouragement. One of the discussion questions that was asked was, “What do you do when … Continue reading


I am one day closer to the end of Practice Court. Just in case you wanted a running countdown. 🙂 Surprisingly, today was a really good day. It feels so wonderful to be back home and be back in a schedule. The hardest part of the day was getting out of bed…especially after I’ve been … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!

I had grand plans of writing a 2012 wrap-up post and a New Year’s Day post. And then I came down with a wicked head cold. So instead of posting for you, dear readers, I spent multiple days drinking hot tea on the couch with tissues shoved up my nose. Sorry, that was probably TMI. … Continue reading