An Interesting Week

This week feels like it was really long. A lot happened, so I’m having trouble remembering all the way back to Monday. But I did learn a few life lessons along the way.

1. Cleaning your ears with hydrogen peroxide can lead to a massive earache (especially if you have eczema like I do). Wednesday was spent on the couch with a hot pack (which actually really helps ear pain), movies, books, and Pinterest. It was actually quite lovely. Although I do not like feeling sick, as an adult, sometimes I don’t mind, because it means I can justify a lazy day. 🙂

2. Cars require something called power steering fluid (who knew?). This should be checked regularly. Also, if your car is moaning and groaning (especially when you turn your steering wheel), it is probably not related to the altitude, cold, or age of the car. It is most likely your power steering system. Thankfully, I think I caught mine before I completely blew out the pump (a several hundred dollar repair, apparently).

3. While you’re at it, check the brake fluid and coolant levels, too. These were fine in my car, but they did need to be topped off. Turns out there are a lot more things that need to be checked on your car besides the oil.

I also started my job at Planet Fitness this past week. I’ve only worked one day, but I think I am really going to like it. So far I am really impressed with how the gym is run. They cater to first-time gym members who want to be generally fit, so it is not a super fancy gym, but it is more than sufficient and comes with a great price tag ($10 or $20/month options). I was on information overload trying to learn all of the computer systems, but once I get the hang of it the job should be pretty easy. And I get a free gym membership!

Well, that is about it for this week. Hoping this next week goes faster, because AG arrives on Friday!! She is coming into town for my swearing-in ceremony, and it promises to be five days crammed with as much fun as will possibly fit. 🙂

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