Catching Up

A blog update is long past due, I know. I got so caught up in finals, and then moot court, that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and record anything. Finally, however, I am beginning to surface once again – and I even spent this whole past weekend doing nothing!! Yep, that’s correct … Continue reading

Wise Words

Hello, this is AnnaGrace. I just thought you might like to know that this is not Katelyn…although I am extremely thankful that she lets me hack into her blog and post to my heart’s content – or discontent. Hmmm…anyway, I thought I would post some wise words. “I wish Thy way. But when in me … Continue reading


I have my own blog. I am writing on this one. Stating the obvious? Yes. All I can manage right now? Again, yes. My brain and intellect are on absolute overload. Thus, this post is inevitably going to resemble a stream of conciousness post. Perhaps one day, I will give you a more thorough stream … Continue reading