Boulder and Walnut Cafe (Restaurant Review #5)

Okay, I promise this is the last restaurant review. I hope you’re not sick of them. But when you’re in town for the Bar exam, about the only thing you have time to do is go out for dinner! 🙂 A week before the Bar exam, I got a letter from an attorney in Loveland. … Continue reading

City O’ City

At the beginning of the week, I told AG that we needed to get a nice dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate the Bar exam being over. That meant ordering dessert at the restaurant was mandatory. 🙂 Since we’d been to City O’ City last year, I figured this would be a great place to … Continue reading

Marg’s Taco Bistro (Restaurant Review #2)

On Tuesday night, we headed to Marg’s Taco Bistro for dinner. I selected this place for Tuesday because it was only three blocks from the hotel, and I knew I wouldn’t want to make dinner an extended event during the Bar exam. This was a very cute little restaurant – we were able to sit … Continue reading

Restaurant Review #1 (Syrup)

Sorry for the delay in posting – I kept meaning to all week, and then just failed to sit down and actually do it. Oh well. It turned out I was a lot more exhausted that I thought I would be, so I needed a week of nothing! When I got home last weekend, I … Continue reading

Independence Day

Thanks to Themis, I had a wonderful day off from Bar studying. After having a to-do list seven days a week for the last five weeks, not having anything hanging over my head was amazing. In fact, getting back into the groove yesterday was tough. Only 24 days left!! But back to Thursday…the first stop … Continue reading