Close Calls

It’s been quite the week, huh? In processing and thinking about all the terrible things that have happened this week, I realized just how many times I have encountered death over the past month. None of them have involved me personally being in harm’s way. But each of them has struck close to home and reminded … Continue reading

Becoming a Morning Runner and the Bearathon

I’ve become a morning runner. As in, I’ve run before 9am a couple times in the past week . This is coming from the girl who used to always work out around 3pm. The one who never wanted to switch her routine. The one who felt like death every time she tried to run in the morning.And … Continue reading

Spring Break!

I did a 6-mile run this morning in 1:01:46. I’m becoming a morning runner!!! (More on that later…)And now… The mountains are calling, and I must go. – John Muir We’re off to the mountains! … and I’m going to scope out my future home state. 🙂