Happy New Year!!!

I had grand plans of writing a 2012 wrap-up post and a New Year’s Day post. And then I came down with a wicked head cold. So instead of posting for you, dear readers, I spent multiple days drinking hot tea on the couch with tissues shoved up my nose.

Sorry, that was probably TMI.

So, despite being six days late, here are my New Years’ “Resolutions”:

1. Keep track of my workouts.

This one is slightly narcissistic. I want to be able to tally my total mileage at the end of the year. Wouldn’t it be cool to say you ran 500 miles in a year? Or more?

2. Try two (or more!) new recipes a month.

I’ve fallen into a cooking rut lately, so I’m hoping this will help me be better about planning meals ahead of time, rather than waiting until I’m hungry to figure out what I want to eat.

3. Get rid of the chip on my shoulder about PC, and stop being angry at my professors.

Although this quarter has been easier, I’ve discovered that it’s much easier for me to always be mad at the profs. I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. I let little things ruffle my feathers. I pull out my soapbox A LOT.

It’s ugly. I don’t want to be the person who always complains. So, I’m reminding myself of provisions 8 and 9 on my contract, and resolving to stop complaining and start spreading joy.

Speaking of joy, only 17 class days left!!! (And with three absences left, it’s really only 14). 🙂


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