Wow. This blogging thing is really suffering these days. I haven’t forgotten about it, I just haven’t known what to write. That, and the last two weeks have been a whirlwind. I keep wanting to post pictures of fun things I am doing, but the reality is, my days are pretty boring In between meetings and Bar events, I’m reading, crocheting, applying for jobs online, and trying to keep myself from going stir crazy.

I have realized over the last couple of weeks that I need to learn to pace myself. Having three professional meetings within a week, on top of job applications, interviews for minimum-wage jobs, and babysitting is just too much for this introvert.

So I am learning to pace myself. I have to fight the urge to be meeting people or doing something every minute of every day. It feels like the more people I meet, the quicker I will get a job. But I also have to recognize that there is only so much I can handle. And being cranky, worn out, and stressed all the time is no way to live.

It has been interesting to return to the “legal world.” After being out of it for the summer (studying for the Bar does not count, because I did not have to interact with people), I feel like I am having to relearn how to speak “law.” Not that anyone is putting me on the spot, but I am terrified of sounding like an idiot. Not to mention that networking in general is stressful for me.

In the midst of all the craziness, I did get some good news last week. I passed the Bar exam! In less than three weeks, I will be licensed and officially a lawyer. Now I just have to figure out how to put my legal skills to work…

It has been a interesting couple of weeks, to say the least. But I am excited about what the next couple of months hold, and cannot wait to be sworn in to the Colorado Bar!


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