Redefining Success

This morning, I left the house a little before 6:15am to attend a meeting of Estate Planning attorneys. I was actually quite nervous. After being out of “law mode” for the past six weeks, I felt a little rusty. I have also forgotten how terrifying it is to be making phone calls and meeting new people! My heart has definitely been on overdrive this week. 🙂 Talking about self-settled, income-only trusts in the context of Medicaid and VA Benefits confirmed my suspicions about me being rusty. I really hope no one entrusts me with that kind of work anytime soon!

However, it was an interesting meeting, and I enjoyed getting to meet some local attorneys. I also met a couple of younger attorneys, who are going to give me information about the Young Lawyers’ and Women’s Divisions. All in all I count it a successful first step. 🙂

This job search thing is an interesting experience. There is no real way to define “success” until the end goal (a job) is reached. So, I am learning to redefine success in small ways. Yesterday I applied to Starbucks. Today I me with other attorneys and handed out two business cards. I would call those two successful days. 🙂


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