One Step At a Time

Over the past couple of weeks, I have done a lot of reading for fun. I have been staying on the lighter side of my definition of “fun reading,” meaning no presidential biographies or books about legal issues. 🙂 While I do enjoy those, I have needed books that are a little lighter on the brain. So I started with a John Grisham book, and blew through a book on body language (What Every Body Is Saying) and Condoleezza Rice’s memoir. It’s a good thing I scoop up interesting books all the time, because I have an abundance of reading material!

I am also reading Kristin Armstrong’s book “Mile Markers.” I love her style of writing, and feel like I have dog-earred every other page. But one page in particular stood out to me. She was talking about a method called “Chunky Monkey” that her daughters used when learning how to read. It means separating a multi-syllable word  into chunks that are readable, and then combining those chunks to get the whole word.

Kristin then applies this strategy to running and life. She says this:

” There is no way to sanely consider the magnitude of dealing with a diagnosis, a financial pit, a rocky relationship, a crying newborn, a new job, no job, an addiction, or a challenge of any kind if we look at the distance as a whole. If we can just get to the next mile marker, the next appointment, the next paycheck, the next treatment, the next conversation, the next week, the next day, the next hour, the next 5 minutes, we’ll make it.”

I feel like this quote sums up what I have been learning this year. If I tried to look at the Bar exam, trying to find a place to live, applying for jobs, worrying about not finding a job, and wondering how I’m going to pay rent in six months, it would be completely overwhelming (besides being pointless – I can worry about rent in six months, when it is due).

Instead, I am learning to take it one step at a time. First, the Bar exam (check!). Second, finding a place to live (check!). Once I get to Colorado, I can focus on networking and finding a job. But I can only do these things if I take them one at a time.

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