I spent a couple days in Dallas this week, trying to squeeze in visits before I move in a couple weeks (working on finalizing the details and then I’ll share!). While there, I went through four boxes of stuff I had left at my parent’s house. As much as I like to think that I am not a packrat (just thrifty and creative), this experience brought me back to reality. I found a 3-inch stack of flash cards from college. Seriously?? I need to get a grip and learn how to get rid of things.


Apparently I thought these would bring back memories. (???)

I also found this hat, which I had made shortly after I got my Ham radio license (when I was 12). I thought it was super cool.


Cassaundra and I also went for manicures. I was able to find a LivingSocial deal, so we each only paid $12! Who says beauty has to be expensive? It turned out to be an adventure, too. I think I got a lady who was new, because she didn’t speak English, and my nails took 2 hours!!! She was still filing my nails at the one-hour mark. Thankfully, we weren’t in a hurry – and I don’t mind being patient when I’m getting such a good deal.


Dad took me out for my first motorcycle ride. I was really afraid that I was going to feel like I was falling every time we went around a corner, but it actually was not that bad! I felt way more comfortable than I thought I would. Not that Dad is a bad driver – but when you feel like you’re falling on a tandem bike, the thought of going even faster on a motorcycle is a little intimidating.


I got to spend Wednesday shoe-shopping (and riding trains) with my favorite four-year-old. He really liked these shoes, but sadly his Mom did not.



I hope you have had a great week. Have a marvelous Labor Day weekend!


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