Boulder and Walnut Cafe (Restaurant Review #5)

Okay, I promise this is the last restaurant review. I hope you’re not sick of them. But when you’re in town for the Bar exam, about the only thing you have time to do is go out for dinner! 🙂

A week before the Bar exam, I got a letter from an attorney in Loveland. I was able to set up a meeting with him on Friday afternoon, so I rented a car to drive up. I was super excited to finally be old enough to rent my own car!


Since my meeting was at 4pm, we decided to spend the morning in Boulder. Our first stop was the Celestial Seasonings tea factory.

100_7534 100_7535

You can get a free factory tour and a free sample! Plus, the Peppermint Room is amazing – and definitely clears your sinuses!

IMG_3062 IMG_3063

After the tour, we headed to the Pearl Street Mall and walked around for a bit. I was looking for some gifts, but ended up striking out there (Whole Foods to the rescue!).

For lunch, we ate at the Walnut Cafe. We sat outside since it was a nice day, but I think that made the service slower. It took awhile before the waiter got there to take our orders (but the food came quickly!).

IMG_3075 IMG_3065

I decided to try something different, so I had the Boulder Scramble. It was like an omelet, but it had tofu cubes instead of eggs. It was mixed with tomato, onion, mushroom, spinach, and Cheddar. Delicious! I have become a big lover of eggs and all things breakfast in the past couple of years, and this did not disappoint, even though there weren’t any eggs! I think it would also be really easy to duplicate at home (speaking of – I actually have tofu at the moment!).


The meal came with two sides, and I chose the Blueberry corn bread as one (home fries were the other – breakfast potatoes in all forms are my absolute favorite). I do not know what I was thinking, but I originally thought that I was ordering bread with Blueberry and corn pieces in it. Clearly, I am NOT a southerner… I was really pleased with the cornbread – it was super moist and a sweet cornbread, which I prefer. There weren’t a whole lot of blueberries, though. As you can see in the picture, they were really only on the bottom.


AG just had a bowl of fruit, so nothing exciting to report there. 🙂

After lunch, we headed up to Loveland for my meeting. I am SOOO glad I took the time to go. The attorney was super nice, and gave me about ten names of people to contact. First networking experience – check! And it did not feel shallow (thinking about networking always scares me).

And last but not least, we finally drank our sodas we bought at the beginning of the week on Saturday just before we headed to the airport…

100_7546 100_7545

The orange coriander was really good. It had a very light orange taste (not nearly as strong as typical orange soda), and was very refreshing. AG’s was a black cherry soda, which was super yummy (though we’re partial to all things cherry). It was sweeter and had a richer flavor than the orange.

Well, that sums up my trip to Denver! It was a great week, and I am looking forward to being back in the great state of Colorado soon!!


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