City O’ City

At the beginning of the week, I told AG that we needed to get a nice dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate the Bar exam being over. That meant ordering dessert at the restaurant was mandatory. 🙂

Since we’d been to City O’ City last year, I figured this would be a great place to splurge. I was not disappointed.


We each started with a glass of lemongrass kombucha, served on tap. I’m not always a huge fan of kombucha (sometimes it tastes too much like alcohol), but I had tried some of AG’s last year and really liked it. This particular kind has a lot of carbonation and has a very refreshing flavor.

100_7520 IMG_3046

For dinner, I had the City O’ City Burger. I had a pizza last year, and so wanted to try something different. Plus, anything with fries on the plate calls my name. 🙂 The burger was a quinoa and pinto bean patty. It definitely did not taste like meat (it was a little drier and had an “earthy” flavor), but I loved it nonetheless. Also, the special sauce they put on it was amazing. I definitely dipped my fries in it a few times before assembling the burger.


AG had the BBQ Sandwich for dinner, which was a dry-rubbed tofu with bourbon BBQ sauce. She said it was one of the best things she has ever eaten. The BBQ sauce was spicy (her favorite thing), and she got in on an herbed gluten-free flatbread that was “to die for.” (I concur, it was very good.)


And then, dessert.

I had been craving a really rich, decadent chocolate cake all week. Thankfully, there was a chocolate cupcake in the dessert case. I was a little disappointed at first, because I had something very specific in mind (and when I get an idea in my head, it’s very head to dislodge it). However, I had nothing to fear – the cupcake (which was gluten-free AND vegan) was phenomenal. Oh my goodness – it was one of the best desserts I have ever had, despite it’s funny name (“Ho-Ho”). If you are ever at City O’ City, DO NOT pass this up.


We also got a slice of the Turtle Cake, which was also delicious (though I was partial to the Ho-Ho). It was a vanilla cake with layers of caramel, cream cheese frosting, and candied walnuts. YUM.


This place is a must visit (if the pictures and descriptions didn’t already sell you).

One Response to “City O’ City”
  1. G'Pa Jim says:

    So I said to myself… the next time I’m in Waco I’ll go and visit this place. Then I thought….”Hmmmm… I wonder if she is referring to when they were in Denver?” Sure enough, I had to waste (0.39 seconds) of my time on Google to find out it’s in Denver!!

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