DIY Cat Scratching Post

I thought I would take a break from restaurant reviews and throw in a little DIY fun on this Friday Saturday (oops – I’m a little late!)! 🙂 The title is misleading, though – it’s not really a  scratching”post,” but rather an “A-frame.”

We took Leona to the vet a couple weeks ago to have her nails clipped. We noticed that they were really long and curling into her paws – yikes! Turns out it had been far too long since they had been clipped (and she doesn’t really ever scratch).  Although we got her a sisal scratching mat, we still can’t really get her to scratch, except very rarely on the carpet. The vet said that cats have texture preferences, and I thought this was the perfect chance to make something (especially since scratching posts start at $20).


I bought a 1×36″ board at Lowe’s and had them cut it in half (the first cut is free!). The board cost around $6.50, and I picked up some hinges for about $2. Then, I stopped by Waco Carpet Company, where I got two carpet samples for free! I had also read online that you can sometimes buy remnants for cheap.


I started by screwing the hinges into the board (manually – I got a good arm workout!). Then, I just nailed the carpet into the board.


Voila! Easy peasy. 🙂


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