Restaurant Review #1 (Syrup)

Sorry for the delay in posting – I kept meaning to all week, and then just failed to sit down and actually do it. Oh well. It turned out I was a lot more exhausted that I thought I would be, so I needed a week of nothing!

When I got home last weekend, I realized that about 90% of my pictures were of food. I guess we know what I was super excited about that week, huh? Anyway, I made notes on all the places we went – turns out this blog is a really handy way to record things in one spot so that I can easily find them later. So, here goes with the fun part of the trip…


On Monday, I studied for a couple of hours in the early morning/afternoon. For lunch, I took a break and we went to Syrup.

If you can’t tell by the name, they specialize in breakfast dishes, though they also serve lunch things. The service was great – we were initially told that it would be a 10-15 minute wait, but ended up being seated after only five minutes. Plus, it was super busy in there – always a good sign!

It was so hard to decide what to get – everything looked amazing! I ended up picking The Cherry Creeker – eggs benedict with corned beef hash. The menu said that this dish is what made Syrup famous, so I figured it had to be good. Plus, I don’t think I’ve had Eggs Benedict since failing at trying to make Hollandaise sauce two years ago, and it’s always fun to get something you can’t make at home. 🙂


AnnaGrace chose the Trail Runner omelet, which had spinach, mushrooms, and swiss cheese.


The other great thing about this restaurant is their syrups (I know, it seems obvious!). They have seven to choose from, plus four butters. We got a pancake to split, because I was dying to try the Butterscotch syrup. Plus, you can’t go to a restaurant named Syrup and not have a pancake!


I loved all of it, but I think the pancake was my favorite. The butterscotch syrup was out of this world. It tasted like a melted piece of butterscotch candy. After tasting this, I wanted to start infusing my own maple syrup (maybe someday in the future…). I got a to-go container just for the syrup, so I could use it in my oatmeal the rest of the week. Good life choice. It added a depth of flavor that the instant oatmeal packet was lacking. 🙂 Also, you could not even tell that the pancake was gluten-free. It was just as good as a regular one!

If you are ever in Denver, you must go to this restaurant!!

We were so full from this meal that neither of us were very hungry come dinnertime, so we stayed in and finished up leftovers from Whole Foods the night before. A snack dinner is so much classier when you can get real silverware and cloth napkins from housekeeping…




By the way, those Amy’s candy bars are amazing. Go for the dark chocolate one with the toffee filling!


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