Just a quick note before the blog goes silent while I get to/take the Bar exam! I’ll have an update in another week or so when the craziness is over.

On Tuesday, the only piece of mail in the mailbox was from an address in Loveland, Colorado. When I pulled it out of the mailbox, my first thought was, “I bet this is a rejection letter from a firm I do not even remember applying to.”

Yes, that has happened. When you apply through Craigslist, the firm name is not always listed.

But when I opened it up, there was a letter from an attorney in Loveland who said he had received my resume from a former supervisor. He said he would be more than happy to meet with me and help me to find an attorney in the area who is hiring.

Awesome, right?? (I was jumping up and down) 🙂

What makes this even more cool is that resume was sent out at least 3 months ago. By this point, I had given up hope on ever hearing back from these people.

And yet, in the midst of all the silence, the endless job applications, and having to continually adjust my expectations, God is still at work.

Guess who might be making a quick jaunt up to Loveland? Yep, this girl.

Something I need to remember as I go into Bar exam week (and when I get home to plan out this move…).

So a brief hiatus until next week! Enjoy your weekend, and your prayers would be greatly appreciated, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday! 🙂

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