Becoming a Morning Runner and the Bearathon

I’ve become a morning runner. As in, I’ve run before 9am a couple times in the past week . This is coming from the girl who used to always work out around 3pm. The one who never wanted to switch her routine. The one who felt like death every time she tried to run in the morning.And then two weeks ago, I decided to do an easy workout in the morning, because I had to stay at school later than normal. When I walked out of school at 5pm, it felt so good not to have a workout hanging over my head. And, I felt so much more alert and energized the whole day.

Ever since then, I’ve done all my workouts in the morning. 🙂

On Saturday I ran the Bearathon again. My longest training run was 10 miles, so the last 3.1 really hurt. 🙂 But I finished in 2:25:04! The best part was Jocelyn meeting for the last half mile. I think I disappointed her by how slowly I was moving at that point. 🙂

This year’s race was super cold. So when I got home, I promptly used the space heater as a hair dryer. Quite an efficient way to multi-task, if you ask me. 🙂

For dinner, I made a homemade chicken pot pie from my “New Best Recipe Cookbook.” Nothing beats chicken pot pie after a race (except maybe pizza…).

I had to improvise a little with the crust because I didn’t have enough butter. I’m still not exactly sure what went wrong, but clearly I need a little work there.

I also made a batch of homemade Cheez-its. Since you can’t buy them gluten free, I figured I would try my hand at them. These actually turned out really well! I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy the recipe is. The most tedious part was cutting and spreading out the pieces once they are cut. I recommend cutting them on wax paper (or a silpat, if you’re fancy), and then just dragging that onto the pan, rather than transferring them one-by-one. You can find the recipe at Better Homes and Gardens.

Happy Monday!


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