Exam Week Update

Today was my second exam, and my first PC exam. Only one left!!! Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest. I suppose it’s a good thing that my end-of-the-week grades always end up being better, huh? 🙂 Overall, I felt like the exam went well. This makes me a little nervous – usually the exams I feel like I nailed are the ones that are my lowest grades…but it’s done, and that’s really all that matters.

This has been the lowest stress finals yet. I’m not concerned about failing, and I’ve given up caring what my grade is. I feel like I’ve been broken this quarter (in a good way). I’ve always worked hard and tried to make good grades. And while that’s a laudable goal, it’s not all there is to life. So I’m giving myself permission not to stress out this time around, and to study as much as I am able (or not able).

Tonight, I’m taking the night off and watching election results. Studying after an exam is usually pretty worthless anyway. Plus, I love elections!!!

In other exciting news, I voted for my first Democrat today! (It most certainly was NOT Barack Obama.) The current presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (it’s the Supreme Court for criminal matters) is Sharon Keller. A couple years ago, some lawyers tried to file an appeal for a defendant on death row. They were having technical problems, and asked for an extension past 5pm. Her response was, “We close at 5pm.”

Granted, the defendant might have been guilty, and he might have already appealed multiple times. But it’s highly unprofessional to make a statement like that. So, I voted for her Democrat challenger (who’s not going to win – it is Texas, after all).

Happy Election Night!

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