Skills Learned and Race Recap

I have become a bow-tying fiend. One of my responsibilities over the past couple days has been to tie bows on the boxes we are taking to doctor’s offices. Over the past three days, I think I’ve tied close to 50 bows. I’m sure this will be a valuable life lesson come Christmas time – maybe I can make some extra money wrapping gifts? 🙂

On Sunday, I got to see a solar eclipse, which was so cool. My cousin just happened to have a welder’s helmet (doesn’t everyone have one of these laying around??), so we were actually able to look directly at the sun. I tried to take some pictures, but of course it didn’t come out as cool on film. Here’s the best one – you can sort of see the crescent shape of the sun.

Yesterday, I decided to get fancy with lunch and make my sandwich on a bagel rather than bread. Best. Choice. Ever. It was so yummy!!! I made a pesto grilled cheese sandwich with my homemade pesto and mozzarella cheese. I toasted it in the oven before I left home, and then just heated it in the microwave at lunch time. YUM!

Last night I drove to Boulder for the last race in the Dash ‘n Dine 5K series. I thought it would be a fun way to do some sight-seeing on a weeknight, as well as to gauge my fitness, since I’ve been very inconsistent for a long time.

This photo is not edited – it’s just that gorgeous here!!

I finished in 32 minutes, which wasn’t too bad, considering that I had side stitches and my stomach hurt for a majority of the race. I honestly was expecting it to be much worse. My worst fear at a race is that I’m going to be the last person to finish. Isn’t that so vain? Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet.

I thought that I had acclimated to the higher altitude, but I found out last night that hasn’t quite happened yet. The longest I’ve run without stopping since I’ve been here has been about a mile, because I’m still breaking in my Newtons. I’ve been doing fine, but last night I felt like I couldn’t get enough air. Apparently I’ve still got a little ways to go before I’m fully acclimated!

After the race, a local chiropractor was offering free massages. Best post-race perk EVER – even better than free food! 🙂

This was the first race I’ve run completely on my own. It was a little sad – although it was fun to see a new place, I was missing having someone else there to hang out with and cheer me on! Note to self – always having a runny buddy, no matter where you move. 🙂

Missing my running buddy.

On the way home, I stopped to take this shot of the horizon. It’s so beautiful. I love staring at the mountains – I’m trying to soak up enough of the sights to get me through the next year in Waco.

I was hoping to see a marvelous sunrise on the way home. Unfortunately, the clouds were not cooperating.

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