On My Way!

This morning, Jocelyn and I left Denton just after 8am headed for COLORADO! 🙂 The ride was pretty uneventful – West Texas is pretty boring (though not as brown as we anticipated). Jocelyn was disappointed that we didn’t see any tumbleweeds. 🙂 Here’s the most interesting thing that we saw:

Cause you know, sometimes the horses just need a little fresh air. 🙂

Here’s a photo of West Texas – despite being flat and kind of boring after a while, it was kind of pretty in its own way. Plus, I love looking at the clouds just “hanging” in the sky. 🙂

We were intending to stop after 8 hours in Clayton, NM. However, we ended up making it to Clayton by 3:30pm, so we decided to keep going to Raton, which was a little over an hour further to the west. We’re only about ten minutes from the Colorado border!!

Here’s a picture of the mountains coming into Raton. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, we’re planning on stopping in Colorado Springs to visit Whit’s End. Then, we’re off to Denver to meet one of Grandma’s friends, and finally to Loveland!! I’m so excited to finally see Colorado!

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