D-Town, Job Hunting, and Summer Fun

On Friday, AnnaGrace and I hit up Dallas with our friend Erin, another South Carolinian who came to Texas for school. She is super awesome, and AnnaGrace and I always look forward to hanging out with her. Apparently she has a friend who is just like me who is also in law school, and Erin … Continue reading

To-Do List

Well friends, I am back in Texas after a whirlwind week at home for Josh;s graduation. I spent the morning unpacking, watching TV, and reapplying to Starbucks. Here are just a few of the things on my to-do list: Find a job.(Preferrably as a barista at a coffee shop) Wash my car – it’s been … Continue reading


I finally had a moment to look at my blog, and realized it’s been two weeks since I posted last – oops!!! I went to my aunt’s house for Easter, and then was busy packing, cleaning, and studying. Or rather, attempting to study, since my motivation was at an all-time low during this set of … Continue reading