Oh Me, Oh My

The past five days have flown by!!! I can hardly believe it is Tuesday already!! In exactly one week I will be back in South Carolina again – woo-hoo!!! Now I just need to get my rear end in gear and get some things done before I leave…

I completely forgot to post my review of our movie on Friday night! Fail. It seems that the three-day weekend caused me to lose my short-term memory. So, a little late, but here goes!!

This week’s movie: Tangled

Overall impression: LOVED it!!!

Favorite Character: Maximus. Part horse, part bloodhound, completely awesome.

You would think that at the age of 22, I would have grown out of animated movies. However, I think the opposite has happened. I love them just as much now as I did when I was a kid – maybe even more!!! What I love about watching kids movies now is that I pick up on so much more of the humor!! I find myself wondering how kids enjoy the movies when they are missing so many subtleties! 🙂

Rapunzel was stolen from her parents, the King and Queen, and has spent all of her 18 years locked away in a tower with Mother Gothel. Right before her 18th birthday, she becomes desperate to get out and see, in person, the paper lanterns that are released every year on her birthday. Add a thief running from the law,  a horse in wild pursuit (haha), and a chameleon, and you have an adorable Disney princess movie!

The music is FANTASTIC!!! It was written by Alan Menken, so it’s no surprise that it’s so great. He’s the same one that wrote the music for “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” and “The Little Mermaid.” One of my favorite tracks (in a sick kind of way) is “Mother Knows Best.” The following lyrics made me think of the mindset of some homeschoolers… 🙂

“Take if from your mumsy
On your own, you won’t survive,
Sloppy, underdressed
Immature, clumsy
Please, they’ll eat you alive…”

And in closing, my favorite quote: “Frying pans…who knew???”

Our Memorial Day was pretty low-key. AnnaGrace had a 16-mile long run to complete. She has been dying to run on a trail, so I took my bike and pedaled along behind her. It went wonderfully until the last mile when she needed a story to pass the last couple minutes. Let’s just say that it was a miserable failure…I’m going to have to work on my workout stories!!

Unfortunately, I was a lamesauce blogger and forgot my camera! However, AnnaGrace found some pictures of the trail online…so, while I didn’t take them, here is where we were yesterday!! It was gorgeous.

After running/biking for 16 miles, we were ready for a soak in the pool!! We spent about 3 hours out there, and I got my first sunburn of the season. 😦 We also got to do some fun people watching…like the group of 8 20-something girls who were drinking their beers while sitting on a ledge in the fountain that’s about 4 feet above the actual pool. Yeah, that’s probably one of the more brilliant ideas I’ve seen in a while… 😉

We topped off the day by running errands, getting fro-yo, and plopping down on the couch to watch “Cake Boss” over dinner. (We may have also watched “The Bachelorette” while channel surfing…”).

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