Thirsty Thursday/Friday Flicks

After AnnaGrace got off work Thursday night, we headed to Rockwall to keep Ross for Joy and Joel since they had a wedding to attend. The little booger is getting more difficult – he cried for 3 hours last night (from midnight until 3am) before we finally just gave in and put him in the bed with us. At that point, we valued sleep more than principles…we’ll let his parents fight this one out. 🙂 He just went down for his nap, and we’re at 35 minutes and counting…

Being in Rockwall means that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. I apologize for the length of this post, but I’m going to try and get caught up. 🙂

On Thursday, AnnaGrace and I biked to a nearby park for a picnic lunch. The weather was great, though the wind was quite strong since thunderstorms were blowing in. The wind also made it a little chilly – after downing our lemonade slushies, we were actually quite cold! Who knew that was possible in Texas during the summer??

AnnaGrace and her cayenne pepper…
Thirsty Thursday
Every Thursday, the plan is to post a new smoothie recipe – hence the name “Thirsty Thursday.” This week we made slushies – they were delicious!! We usually just throw stuff into the blender and taste as we go, so the measurements are approximate.
Watermelon Lemonade Slushies
Servings: 2
6 cups ice
1 lemon, peeled
2 packets Raspberry Lemonade mix
1/2 cup watermelon cubes
Water, to thin out
Put all ingredients in the blender and blend away. Add additionally ice, water, etc. as needed.
Yesterday we took Ross out for a little shopping trip to get out of the house…he really enjoyed the shoe store. 🙂

Although the hats were a close second. 🙂

Friday Flicks
This week, I have two movie reviews for you. We technically kicked off ”Friday Flicks” last week, but I never got around to posting the review.
Movie Review #1 – “Mega-Mind”
I had not seen the trailer for this movie, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that it was an animated movie. 🙂 However, this movie was adorable!!!
The main character, Mega-Mind, is a blue-headed villain who has spent his whole life competing against “Metro Man.” However, when Mega-Mind finally conquers Metro Man, he finds that his life becomes quite dull – not to mention that everyone hates him. He then proceeds to try and create a villian, in hopes of making life a little more interesting, and finally proving that he’s not all bad.
Overall, I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5. There were quite a few quotable lines, and the storyline was very original. I highly recommend it, even for us “grown-up” kids. 😉
Movie Review #2 – “Dinner for Schmucks”
This movie was alright. Starring Steve Carrell, it definitely had its funny moments, though it also had its share of crude jokes/conversations.
Paul Rudd plays Tim, an man who has his eyes on a promotion at work, in hopes that the promotion will cause his girlfriend to say “yes” when he asks her to marry him (despite already asking twice). Unfortunately, in order to get the promotion, he needs to find an “idiot,” to take to a monthly dinner hosted by his boss. Tim’s girlfriend is appalled, and he questions the morality of going to the dinner. However, he also meets the perfect candidate – Barry (played by Steve Carrell), a man who works for the IRS and spends his spare time as a taxidermist creating people out of dead mice.
As soon as Tim meets Barry, his life starts taking a turn for the worse. I found the middle of the movie quite stressful, actually – just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. And then they keep getting worse.
Overall, the movie was cute, and very different from most movies I watch. However, I don’t know that I would watch it again – the ridiculousness of the whole scenario is a little wearing, and there are many crude moments that are just completely unnecessary. Thus, it gets a 2.5 out of 5.
Well, it’s been over an hour since I laid him down, and Ross is still crying. Thus, I’m going to go stand in the doorway until his sleepiness overwhelms him (hopefully it works again like it did last night).

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