Mimetic Monday

Mimesis. Semiosis. Diegesis. Yes. Fun words. For those of us whose brains do not quite function in that intellectual realm on a daily basis (poor AnnaGrace), essentially mimesis is a concept in literary theory in which a work of art exists to imitate and/or reflect its universal context. The emphasis in mimetic theory is on the relationship between the object (art) to the universe and the success and capacity of the former’s ability to reflect the latter. Practically speaking, and in layman’s terms, mimetic encompasses the idea of imitation and reflection.
In this case, what is the “universe” that is being imitated and/or reflected? Answer: CHILDHOOD!
The process by which we “imitated” entailed a myriad of methodologies. AnnaGrace kicked off the day by re-creating an outfit from her childhood (that just so happens to be an outfit that mimetically reflects her in the present). Thankfully, AnnaGrace’s mother did not make her wear matching clothes and allowed her to dress herself in whatever way she wanted. The picture below encapsulates her style.

Mimetic Monday continued with a trip to the grocery store accompanied by a soundtrack from childhood. The playlist included, Steve Green’s “Hide ‘Em in Your Heart”, old school Michael W. Smith (can someone
say, “nineties”?), Adventures in Odyssey, Disney movies, and Sandi Patty.

We had a dinner that was reminiscent of childhood in the form of hot dogs (a.k.a. veggie dogs), french fries, and watermelon. We capped off the day by watching Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” AnnaGrace’s all time favorite Disney movie. I think that it’s my new favorite, too. AnnaGrace made all sorts of new and crazy musical observations as well…what a nerd. πŸ™‚ Maybe she’ll write a guest post later on and share. πŸ™‚

Thus concludes the inaugural mimetic Monday of the summer. Stay tuned for Tasty Tuesday!

P.S. Thanks to AnnaGrace for her help on this collaborative blog post!! πŸ™‚ (Could you tell??)


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