Adventures in Austin

My current view:
And no, this is NOT courtesy of Waco, TX. AnnaGrace had a musicology conference in Austin this weekend, so I tagged along for a change of scenery. I am hoping that getting out of Waco will mix things up enough that I will get some steam back for the next two weeks. I am so worn out and I am having real trouble motivating myself to study, even though my first final is only four days away – YIKES!!!!!!!!
Currently, we are sitting on the deck at Mozart’s Coffee Shop getting some work done before we head back to our respective homes (*sniff*). The weather is beautiful, and it has been lovely to watch people around us and out on the lake. Can’t I just live here forever???
Here’s a brief rundown of our weekend:
Friday, we drove down after I got out of class. Our first stop was Whole Foods Market for lunch. There is an awesome salad bar. After seeing some beautiful creations on blogs recently, I have been dying to make one of my own…ta-da!
We also picked up some granola to munch on this weekend – Toffee Almond Crunch. YUM!
Next it was a quick stop at Anthropologie and REI…but only to drool!
Next stop: Goodwill!!! I made sure to ask a classmate where the ritzy side of Austin is so we could check out the good stuff. Unfortunately, we struck out big-time at the first one. I thought the prices were a little high, and none of the clothes worked out. We did, however, find these winners:
Career change: we’re gonna be rodeo clowns!!! 😉
We had much better luck at the next Goodwill – I scored a navy blue “June Cleaver” dress (which will make its appearance here shortly), some white linen pants, a couple CDs (Josh Groban “Noel” for 99 cents – yes please!), and a pair of khaki shorts.

After a stop at the grocery store (the BIGGEST HEB I have ever seen!!), we checked in to our hotel. I was able to book an Extended Stay room for only $28/night!!! I think I freaked everyone out though – people kept asking whether I was in a good part of town!!! No worries – we were!! The website said there were full kitchens – unfortunately, that does NOT include an oven. We felt like we were in college again, because we came in loaded with groceries only to find a mini-fridge! We managed to fit everything in, though, which some creative squishing of my half-gallon tub of ice cream. 🙂
On Saturday, I stayed at the hotel while AnnaGrace went to her conference. I am ashamed to admit that I watched over 8 hours of “America’s Next Top Model.” The hotel channels were really limited, and it was the only thing on when we got up. I managed to get a little bit of homework done, but not nearly as much as I should have, especially considering how close I am to exams. Hopefully the weekend off will recharge my batteries to get me through the craziness of the next two weeks.

Saturday afternoon held another failed attempt at a time trial. I hadn’t really had much protein all day, and so I didn’t feel that great. I did, however, create a mile PR – 7:30!!! Eventually I will get myself back into shape and start my next training plan…I may just need to continue taking it easy and coddle myself through the next two weeks. 😦

Studying hard…
or not!
And now I am dreading the ride back to Waco, and the inevitable return to normal life. Please summer, come fast!!!! I am barely hanging on!!!
Update: In two weeks, I will be in South Carolina!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Words cannot express how desperate I am for the next two weeks to be over…
In closing, please check out this billboard that we saw on the way to Austin – SO TRUE!!
And please, voters…keep this in mind when you are voting in 2012! And start praying now for a decent Republican candidate…we need one!
Now back to LAPP flashcards! Poo on statutory construction…


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