One of the most common questions I get is, “Do you see your sister a lot?” I’m always ashamed to admit that we only see each other once or twice a month. The law school is so far removed from the rest of campus, and we each have our own groups of friends, which means that several weeks can go by without us planning anything.

This weekend both of us were free, so yesterday afternoon I went kayaking with Jocelyn and a couple of her friends. Baylor has its own marina, which is the bomb-diggity. We spent about an hour on the water, and it was so wonderful. The weather was perfect, and I got to put a little more work into my tan. 😉

After kayaking, Jocelyn came over here for a sleepover. We watched “Father of the Bride” – such a GREAT movie!!! I love the soundtrack – though not so much the music used during the wedding scene (Canon in D is so unoriginal). 🙂 I am quite thankful for the fact that I don’t think my dad will be so crazy when I’m planning my wedding (though if he’s figured out how to cry on command by then, we could be in trouble!). I think everyone’s actually more concerned about how crazy I’m going to be! 🙂 

This morning we got up and made chocolate chip scones for breakfast. In fact, they were the impetus for the whole weekend. 🙂 I still have a little left of mine – for some reason, I couldn’t quite finish it. I think the richness might have been a little much for my poor stomach so early in the morning.

Jocelyn rescued me from my “Heathen ways” and took me to the college service at her church this morning. I went to the regular service a couple weeks ago, but was not a fan. I really enjoyed the service this morning, though. Maybe it’s because I was in a much better mood, I didn’t have to go by myself, and I hadn’t been to church in two weeks – but I’ll take it! It was a nice end to church-hopping in Waco. Guess what?!?! Today was the last Sunday I’ll be in Waco until August!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Next weekend I’m off to Austin, and the weekend after that I’ll be in Dallas for Easter. AND THEN HOME TO SOUTH CAROLINA!!!! I am anxiously watching my countdown clock and waiting for summer to arrive!

Don’t we look stylish???

I just finished up my lunch – homemade Mac ‘n Cheese. Now I need to go put away the couch bed before Bri gets here to study! Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

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