Off the Deep End

My new obsession with green monsters has caused me to start throwing all sorts of things into the blender. Since you can’t taste the spinach, I wondered, what other vegetables might you be able to throw into a smoothie? So today, I decided to try and make my own version of V8 juice. It actually turned out quite well. Here is my ingredient list:

Orange juice

On my second batch, I threw in a little spinach, too. 🙂 And, I even got my roommate, who has been teasing me about drinking “grass,” to go for it!!

However, don’t worry – I am not being a complete nut. I have no plans of ditching chocolate or any unhealthy foods anytime soon. I just like coming up with new creations!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but as promised, here are my favorite Super Bowl commercials.

1. Volkswagen “Darth Vader” – CUTEST COMMERCIAL EVER. I love the kid’s reaction when the car turns on. I seriously hope I have a kid like this (and a husband willing to play along). 🙂

2. Coke “The Siege” – Okay, so I am a complete nerd, but I mainly love this commercial because they use classical music in the background! 🙂 BTW, it’s Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.”

3. Coke “Soldiers” – Handel’s Sarabande from the D minor keyboard suite. 🙂

Nothing else very exciting going around here – the moot court competition starts February 21st, so life will probably be crazy the next couple of weeks.

Spring Break Countdown: 3 WEEKS


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