Evolution of a Christmas Tree

For the first time in my life, I decorated a Christmas tree all by my lonesome self. It was a weird feeling to be putting up a Christmas tree of my own – when did I get so old??? However, a cup of hot  chocolate, Christmas music, and Skype made the process quite enjoyable.
Thanks to my wonderfully generous aunt, I now have a 6-foot Christmas tree sitting in my living room. The tree, coupled with pine room spray, actually makes it feel sort of like Christmas around here, despite the fact that I have 12 school days left before break (ugh…).
Please enjoy the picture documentary of the process…
Note to self…do not pick up the 6-ft. Christmas tree…it hits the ceiling.
Time for the lights…four strands of severely tangled lights. 🙂
And the final product…(drumroll, please!!)
I am currently sitting next to the tree, finishing homework, and listening to my “Nutcracker” station on Pandora (which, I might add, is great because it’s classical versions of Christmas songs, hence it’s not distracting!!). It truly is the most wonderful time of the year…

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