Law Students = Complete Dorks

On Saturday night, one of my classmates hosted a game night at her house. It was great to be able to get together outside of a school setting, although our nerdiness could not escape us. A name game involving Black’s Law Dictionary was first up on the list. We passed the dictionary, and each person had to find a legal definition that started with the first letter of his or her name. The goal was to help us remember each other’s name – not sure that it’s really going to help, but I did learn lots of new legal terms! I know, it sounds incredibly boring, but people actually picked some really interesting stuff! My term was Ker-Frisbie:

The Ker-Frisbie doctrine is applied in the context of extradition and generally holds that criminal defendants may be prosecuted in United States courts regardless of whether their presence has been obtained through the use of applicable extradition treaties.

While game night was a pleasant socializing experience, Friday night’s “Law Buddy Social” was definitely a bust. Let me preface the discussion by saying that my law buddy seems super helpful and nice. However, whoever invented the idea that socializing could occur in a bar was out of their ever-loving mind. I don’t care that people are drinking…if you enjoy it, fine. However, every bar that I have ever been in (and I will admit that I can count them on one hand), are just so loud. It is impossible to hear anything, and how you are supposed to get to know someone in a place like that, beats me.

I will get off my soapbox now…

Today’s church experience was GREAT! I visited Fellowship Bible Church on Jocelyn’s recommendation, and am so glad that I did. The people were so friendly – multiple people came up and introduced themselves, and one family took me and my roommate out to lunch! I was blown away by their hospitality, and it was nice to go to a church that was Biblically sound. The college group is studying Song of Solomon (interesting choice, I know), and talking about the idea of “courtship.” I found it very interesting – I don’t know any church that would touch that subject with a 10-foot pole!

In closing, I am back in the dorm tonight. The air conditioning at my condo is broken, and Jocelyn and her roommate graciously agreed to let me crash on their floor. A bunch of us were sitting around doing homework this afternoon, and it actually made me miss my undergraduate days! Thankfully, my wonderful landlord has already put in a service order for tomorrow morning! 🙂


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