Sic ’em, Bears!

This weekend was AMAZING!

Dad came down for a visit on Friday, and proceeded to cook dinner while I sat around like a bum. Homemade hamburgers and potato chips with french onion dip – YUM!!! On Saturday it was Rudy’s Barbeque for lunch, and then off to the first Baylor home football game!!! Although I wasn’t super impressed by our playing, it was quite the experience…Baylor makes Wofford football look like high school! I also really enjoyed the marching band – yes, my lack of music is starting to manifest itself as moments of pure delight every time I hear an instrument playing. 🙂

 Today I ran the Labor Day 15K in Fort Worth – my first Texas race!!! AnnaGrace was kind enough to run the entire course by my side, even though she ran backwards a couple of times and was clearly capable of running it much faster. I accidentally ditched her right at the end – apparently my finishing kick (which lasted less than 1/10th of a mile) was bigger than I expected. Oops! We finished in just under 1 hour, 44 minutes, (official time still to come!), averaging about 11:30 per mile. My longest distance yet!!

Before the race – bright and early at 7am!!


I spent the rest of the day moving quite slowly and making friends with the ice packs in my freezer. Overall, though, I am pleased with the results, and looking forward to my next race, which will hopefully be a 10K sometime in November!

After the race – WE SURVIVED!

After rewarding myself with a new pair of Nike shorts and a soak in the pool, I made the long, dismal drive back to Waco. And now, off to bed to prepare for another week of classes – thank goodness it’s only four days until the next weekend!!!


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