The Texas Heat is Killing Me…

Yes, I knew that Texas would be hot. However, I assumed that since Texas is less humid than South Carolina, I would be okay. WRONG! People were right – when the temperature goes above the triple-digits, the humidity doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just hot! The good news is my air conditioning works well, and I am virtually settled in my new condo…complete with a little balcony!
My condo is in the perfect location – 5 minutes from all the shopping a girl needs. The condo community is nice and quiet, though unfortunately I haven’t met any of the neighbors yet (you don’t see many people walking around in 104 degree weather!). The streets in Waco seem to loop around in strange directions, but I have oriented myself enough that I can at least find Target, HEB (the local grocery store), and of course, the law school. For all the grief I have given Waco over the past couple of months, it is actually bigger than I expected. We even have a Target Greatland (beat that, Spartanburg!). 🙂
Well, now it’s off to fix dinner (Mom isn’t here to cook anymore!), and get started on my first assignments (ahhh!!!). Ta ta for now!

One Response to “The Texas Heat is Killing Me…”
  1. I especially love your wonderful Goodwill store! I could shop there every day!

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